Hippo CMS

Hippo CMS is an open source Java CMS for creating personalized experiences across all channels.

Hippo's emphasis on the separation of the content from the presentation logic enables content editors to create content once, and then publish it to web sites, mobile sites, Facebook, REST services, digital magazines, mobile apps, and so on.

Hippo enables webmasters to create new channels or configure existing page templates using its Channel Manager and Template Composer.

Features of Hippo CMS:

  • Separate Content from Presentation.
  • It’s provides safe and secure access and flexible access control and supports integration.
  • One Admin Theme.
  • It can handle your evolving traffic requirements
  • Hippo’s concept of channels: Channels are essentially different avenues by which content can be served up to users.
  • Ability to handle content written in another language: single standardized way of delivering multilingual content on a site running on Hippo.
  • Rendering templates on-the-fly
  • Notifications are sent to translators whenever content is updated.
  • Channel support provides robust theme localization support.